chi siamo pizzeria Lungolago64OUR PHILOSOPHY IS:                                          

quality ingredients and care in the product

To ensure high quality food, we chose to use mainly raw materials from farms and crops Italian certified.
We paid particular attention to the environment in which we live:
when it is possible for our menu we buy raw materials "Km zero", otherwise seeking supply companies implementing procedures of production and transport with low environmental impact.

The mix of our pizzas is made from a blend of organic flour including also the precious kamut flour with a high nutritional value and low in gluten, processed in Italian mills certified, secure and guaranteed.
pizzeria lungolago64 olive olivaLa particular recipe pizza chef Roberto provides a very low percentage of leavening agent and salt,
Italian extra virgin and organic olive oil carefully selected and available in elegant bottles for purchase.
pizzeria lungolago64 olio d oliva

The slow and controlled leavening guarantees lightness and a high digestibility.

The ingredients of the pizza toppings (red or white) and buns, a variety of meats and cheeses and fresh salads served in our restaurant are carefully selected, fresh and when possible certified IGP and DOC.


we use only natural mixtures of flour with kamut

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